Saturday, November 2, 2013

Adoption Christmas Ornaments

 Welcoming a newly adopted child into your family is a momentous occasion.  It's something to celebrate in a special way, especially at Christmas time.  I know firsthand how special adopted children are since my sister and her husband recently adopted a baby boy after waiting for 12 years to have a child of their own.  The day she brought him home was one of the happiest days of my life.  That's why I want to spoil him with gifts this Christmas like a good aunt should!  But I also want to buy him a special remembrance of his first Christmas at home with his adopted family.  Here's my list of the best adoption Christmas ornaments:
I think that this ornament is adorable.  I love the sweet look of the bears holding their cute little cub in their arms as they bring the baby home with them.  Adoption is such a sweet experience, and I think that this ornament captures the love and sweetness of the adoption experience quite well.  I think this would make a great adoption Christmas ornament.

Here is yet another cute ornament for a newly adopted baby.  I love the sweet snowman faces and the way that they are happily holding the new addition to their family.  Adopted parents truly are proud new parents and this adoption Christmas ornament points clearly to that fact.  It's a great present for a newly adopted child and his or her parents.

Lastly, I think that this would make an awesome gift for an adopted child to give to his parents to really make them feel loved and appreciated for all the sacrifices they've made for their child.  Since my adopted nephew is just baby, I plan on buying this ornament for him, wrapping it up, and giving it to my sister and her husband as a little surprise gift from the baby.  I think they'll treasure it and really appreciate it.  It clearly states the year 2013 on it too, which is an added bonus and will truly make this ornament a great keepsake for years to come.